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The Beach!

We stayed at Kata Beach while in Phuket. The beach was absolutely beautiful. We were just a short walk away which was great. Two downsides: 1 - we were sick for the first day or two. 2 - the beach was a little more touristy than the other areas.

Elephant Retirement Park

This place is a part for elephants they've retired out of work. They also have a few babies. Their elephants ranged from 2 - 50 years old. We got to get up close and personal with them! So great! There were too many other people there tho IMO ;)

John Gray Tour

This was on New Years Eve and one of the coolest things we did. We took a boat to Phang Nga Bay which had these "mountains". Each pair had a guide that kayaked them through these caves into the mountains. There were lagoons in the center and they were open to the sky.