2nd Full Day in Bangkok + Chiang Mai

Today we got up and got ready, then went out to the Wang Lang market to find a little breakfast. The market was just getting going when we got out, so not everything was up. Interesting thing about Thai people: they don’t actually eat different foods for breakfast like we do in the US. They just eat their normal foods. So we had a big mix of stuff. Here’re some pictures from the market. 

After Wang Lang, we checked out of our hotel and made our way to Chatuchak marke. It’s a huge open air market - one of the biggest in the world. We took a ferry and a few trains then got there in the afternoon. We also checked our luggage at an office I found online so we didn’t have to lug them around. 

I was definitely overwhelmed with all there was to see and buy. They literally had everything you could imagine. I wanted everything and seriously considered buying an entirely new wardrobe, but I manage to buy only 1 shirt and some snacks lol. We had some stir fry, mango sticky rice, passion fruit tea… The tea scene is everything here. I’ve never seen so much bubble tea in my life 😍 We got a foot and shoulder massage at the end of our Chatuchak trip, and I realized how badly I need to get a full Thai massage soon...

After Chatuckak we went to the airport via taxi to head to Chiang Mai! Our hotel in Chiang Mai is so cute. The concierge told us that there was a small local market with food just a few minutes walk away, so we went there and got some curry. And yes, even with my paranoia I ate the shrimp!

Then we walked back toward our hotel and stopped at this area that was playing music. It was like this big outdoor courtyard with different small quick service restaurants, food carts, and bar service all around it. So we sat at one of the bar tables and people watched while Nando had a drink. Then we walked back to the hotel and immediately conked out haha.