Chiang Mai Day 1

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

First day in Chiang Mai and it was a full one! And adventurous eating-wise for me. We went to several different temples on top of other adventures. We started out the day with a small breakfast at the cafe connected to our hotel. I finally got to try those little bananas. They kind of taste like a less ripe banana, but they are softer than that. 

Wat Phra Singh (Gold Temple)

This is a 14th century Buddhist Temple. Also there was a little pop up market inside the temple grounds, and I was starving by this time because I’d only had 2 of those little bananas. So I got meat on a stick! From a rando! It was so yummy. 

Then we stopped to refuel with some coffee/tea. Second day in Thailand that I’ve had a tea with milk. And my belly hasn’t been any more bothered than normal. Incredible! Then we found a mango shop and I had to get mango with sticky rice and Nando got a smoothie. 

Wat Phan Tao

This is the oldest standing wooden temple. It’s from the 14th century. Unfortunately you couldn’t see much of the wooden temple. It looked like they were doing some restorations. But the rest of the grounds were cool. 

Wat Chedi Luang

One of the biggest temples. From the 13th century. There was a part women couldn’t go in so that pissed me off. But the grounds were awesome. Particularly the huge temple that’s been worn down. 

Last temple of the day was Wat Chiang Mun. It’s Chiang Mai’s oldest temple. The whole temple area was really cool with an interesting peaceful atmosphere. 

After all the temples we stopped and got a massage. The woman that worked on me was so tiny but dig into my muscles like none other. And she had an interesting look/energy. She SEEMED like an old lady but could have been anywhere from 45-70. No idea. 

For the end of the day we went to the Sunday walking market. Holy smokes. They turn this one street into a night market from one end of the city about halfway through. Also with little other offshoot roads. It was PACKED and just insane. And I bought a bunch of stuff and we ate random things from food stalls, the best being coconut pancakes - which I’m fairly certain have egg in them! Also, I had Pad Thai… with the egg, peanuts, and little dried shrimps!!! So yay for food bravery despite my crippling fear of falling ill (dried shrimps) and allergy to egg and peanut. Oh and we took a tuk tuk home. 

Also to note thru the day.. 

These temple grounds are pretty big. You walk in and there are usual several temples/chedis/structures. And some are completely free. The temples are all throughout the city and many are active and running. Then at the night market they use the grounds for some of them for food and vendor stalls.

I got more potato chips. Next I’m going to try a really bold flavor! 

You have to pay cash for EVERYTHING. Nowhere takes cards. And some vendors, particularly taxi drivers pretend like they don’t have change so you have to pay them a ridiculous overage. 200b taxi ride and you only have a 1000b note and they say sorry, no change and then look at you like “darn, you gotta pay me the whole thing.”