First day and a half in Bangkok

Today was our first full day in Bangkok!

We landed yesterday at 9am and took a few trains and a ferry to our hotel. We got there around 11 or so and checked in. The location is really cool because it’s right in the heart of Wang Lang market which is this awesome local market. So we walked around there and took it all in - very authentic experience. Totally where the locals go. Nothing was in English and we were the only tourists. We had lunch there where they just give you these bowls of soup with noodles and some meat and some broth. It smelled so good, I had no idea what it was, but I was pumped. Until we got it and I had to eat it and started crying lol. Paranoia got the best of me... one panic attack later and we fell asleep at 3pm and basically stayed that way till the next morning. Pics to come of the market.

So onto the next day! Our full day! One of lots of adventures.

Grabbed some drinks at a local coffee shop and headed out to Wat Arun which is The Temple of the Dawn. Of course we walked there so we could take in the local experience.

Wat Arun was beautiful. All the structures were so tall and ornate.

So next we got some snacks, took the ferry, and headed over to Wat Pho, the Reclining Buddha. Side note on the snacks - should be no surprise that I’m digging these rice cakes and have bought them everywhere. But also, one of my favorite things to do when I visit a different country is try their different flavors of potato chips. These were excellent.

Onto Wat Pho. Dude, it was incredible. This Buddha was HUMUNGOUS.

After Wat Pho we had lunch at The 6th. We share Thom Yum soup, I got green curry, Nando got a cashew chicken, and we shared some mango sticky rice 😍

Next we went to the Grand Palace. It was HUGE. Everything was made of real gold.

Then we took a bus over to the Khao San Rd area. It was much more geared toward tourists than the market near our hotel, but still pretty cool. Note all the English. That was NOT the case at the Wang Lang market.

We finished up the night by going to Calypso Bangkok, a ladyboy Cabernet. It was more of a production than some of the other drag shows I’ve been too which is great. It was pretty entertaining! And I’ve gotta say the boy boys really were the stars!!