Hello! And welcome to my Extras!

I wanted to give a little bit of background on why this exists, what it is, and what I'm going to be doing with it.

Those of you that know me personally know that I am very passionate about teaching and helping people. For a long time I've wanted to expand my aerial teaching and training offerings. So about 2 years ago I made the LLC Vital Movement, had a friend help me with a logo, and made the skeleton for the website....and then did nothing. I was so overwhelmed with what exactly to do that I just didn't do anything.

See the problem is, I don't have a whole lot of space in my schedule for regularly timed commitments. I have a full time corporate job, I do my own aerial training, I lift weights, I ride motorcycles, and I teach classes when I can. On top of that I recently bought a house and was planning a wedding for the past year... soooooo needless to say I was, and am, stretched very thin. So the idea of teaching more and travelling more and figuring out exactly how I wanted to expand my business was just too much.

Well after my wedding, I had a bit of brain space free up, and I decided I wanted to at least finish my new website. My old one was getting a bit stale, so I figured I could at least upgrade to my new one and the new name. I added in all of the regular administrative stuff (as you can see), and then something happened. It just clicked. I just started writing a few drafts on some topics I thought would be helpful to folks. And I realized I could just expand online. I would be able to work around my crazy schedule, write posts when I have breaks in my schedule, and not have to be in a certain place at a certain time every week (like teaching class).

So my Extras section was born. It's basically a place where I can post instructional guides for y'all to use as an aerial and training resource. I will be posting tips for technique and training, conditioning routines and workouts, and I'll even be creating some independent study type classes. It will all be organized in an easy to find reference sort of way, so anyone can get information quickly on the topics they want.

It's kind of organized like a blog. OK... it IS organized like a blog. But I'm not going to call it a blog because I really want it to be more of a resource than any sort of chronicle on my life or whatever other connotation comes with the word "blog". One exception is that I will use it to post on upcoming events and shows that I'm in - partly because it's the easiest place to put it, and it is relevant to a lot of folks that want to see live performance art. But that will probably be the only "me-centric" things I post. Other than this post!! HA! Breaking my own rules already!

Anyway, that's what is blossoming right now. As with everything, there's flux and flow, so we'll see how it molds and expands. But I'm excited to offer this to the community, and hopefully it will be enjoyed and helpful.